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Family Friendly Farms
Contact: Phil Zeiter
City: Grass Valley, CA,
About Us
We sustain a small family farm and share its healthy yield with our local and extended community. Every animal is humanely raised with consideration for the environment. We work together as a family in order to closely monitor the highest quality of nutrition, tenderness, and flavor. We also eat what we grow so we eat what you eat, and we really enjoy the superior quality of this all natural, grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised pork, and free-range chicken.

Sustainable farming is defined as a farming operation that maintains a self-reliant ecosystem thus minimizing the need to “go outside” the farm to purchase items that it may lack (like fertilizer and feed for example).

As we’ve been developing our sustainable farming operation, Family Friendly Farms, we’ve also been developing a sustainable family lifestyle here at Our Lady’s Ranch. Over the years, we have been creating a holistic family environment suitable to living in peace and to sharing it with others.