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Figgy Farms
Contact: Chrissy Poulsen & Stephen Lindgren
City: Penryn, CA,
About Us
Figgy Farm is on the land that Chrissy grew up on and is part of the original farm purchased in 1958. When my parents passed, I took over my parents’ house and part of the original farm in 2004. Our farm has been managed by our family continuously since 1959. We originally had a pear orchard, cows, sheep, geese and always a vegetable garden. Growing up I would help my dad plant, irrigate, and harvest. At 19, I left to explore the world and returned back home in 2003 to teach Mathematics at Del Oro High School. My brother Gordon Poulsen, Jr. owns the adjacent farm "Willow Creek Ranch" and runs it with his son Gordy, III. Gordon shares his love and expertise of agriculture with us. He encouraged my husband Steve (also a Mathematics Teacher) and I in 2014 to plant figs as specialty crop. We now have about forty five full producing fig trees and have found our niche! Gordon works with Steve and I to make sure he passes down his farming expertise and growing practices with us. We grow many varieties and enjoy keeping up the family traditions.
We are globally aware and run our farm by working with the land in natural production. We do not use sprays on our Fig trees. We use naturally composted fertilizers, and practice conservative soil and water management through county grants.