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JSM Organics - Certified Organic
Contact: Javier Zamora
City: Royal Oaks, CA,
About Us
Javier Zamora was born in Mexico to a farming family and moved to LA when he was 20. He worked in the restaurant industry for nearly 20 years but when the 2008 financial crisis hit he went back to college at age 43. While in college he worked for an organic fresh cut flower grower and strawberry grower. In 2012 he started renting an acre and a half with a trailer and JSM Organics as born.

Today Javier owns 80 acres of farmland and 120 acres of conservation easement, and has 25 full-time employees. He grows over 30 varieties of vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers which enables him to keep his staff year-round. Javier has also taken on a mentorship role, helping other farmers access resources and find ways to diversify their farms while growing their businesses. The mission of JSM Organics is to provide accessible organic produce to the local community.
How we grow organically and manage it is by letting Mother Nature do her thing and we don’t try to push her in a certain way. We let the natural process and flavor of the food we grow come through and speak for itself.

Packaging sustainably started for us in 2017 when we chose to pack our strawberries in ReadyCycle®. For us it was the right thing to do for our environment, as land stewards, and for our customers.