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Remedy Supply Co.
Contact: Jordan Johnson, Laney Drury & Melinda Minyard
City: Auburn, CA,
About Us
In October of 2020 Clementine Coffee Roasters and The Pour Choice joined forces. People had come and gone. Business had ebbed and flowed and at the end of the day we learned that it is always better when you share your workload and successes with others. It was then we decided to embark on a new coffee roasting journey. Together we are Remedy Supply Co.

As Remedy, it is our dream to bring you beautiful products full of heart and soul. We want to bridge the gap from producer to consumer through coffee and wine. We want to share the stories of our producers with the community and share stories of our community with producers. Together we are humble and eager to bring Remedy Supply Co. to our community and beyond.
We believe that the supply chain is a circular table. No one sits at the head of the table. We are all equal and are all reliant upon each other to accomplish our goals. Our hope to educate and be a remedy to a broken system through Direct Trade relationships and radical transparency. We roast in small batches and cup all our roasts to ensure we are only serving the highest quality and honoring the work of the producers, pickers, tasters, exporters and importers that have poured their blood sweat and tears into every cup.