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Bluebird Farm
Contact: Malaika Bishop
City: Nevada City, CA,
About Us
Located in Nevada City, CA, Bluebird Farm specializes in high quality, nutrient dense, greens, culinary herbs and fresh seasonal flowers. We are dedicated to using sustainable growing methods to enhance the health of our land, build rich soil and provide the most delicious and beautiful food and flowers possible.

I am inspired by the beauty and abundance of nature. I have always wanted to make the world a better place, and for me that has always come back to food and farming. We all participate in the food economy, and the way we farm and what we chose to eat has a huge impact on our health, the health of our community, our environment and our climate. After running non-profits that aim to increase access to and education about good food, I went back to farming because I love being outside, in the elements, accomplishing tasks by working hard as a team, and learning every day. I eat a lot of salad and love to grow the most delicious, nutritious greens around. I have been growing food since I can remember, but about 10 years ago, my veggie garden started to get taken over by flowers. I couldn’t resist all the incredible shapes, colors and textures nature provides. It is a dream to now have a half acre palate of 150+ varieties of flowers and a one and a half acre plot of greens to play in. I am passionate about rich soil that is teaming with life and I love to watch weed free rows of plants pop up in their various shades of green. We have a talented, hardworking crew of folks growing for you. All that good energy and love transfers from the healthy soil, to our hands to your kitchen table. GROWN WITH LOVE!
no spray, non GMO, no till