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Pawsperity Bakery
Contact: Kate Luce
City: Applegate, CA,
About Us
I’m Kate, the proud owner of Pawsperity Bakery, a business dedicated to crafting wholesome, organic, and lip-smacking treats for your beloved companion.

We live in Applegate, California, a small town in the picturesque Sierra Foothills, with Fiona, our sweet, pillow-snuggling Pit/Lab mix and Elliot, our loyal, always-on-the-alert German Shepherd mix. They both have noses for good quality treats and are employed in our bakery’s research and development department.

Bailey, our Ridgeback/Lab mix sweetheart, was very involved with Pawsperity Bakery since its inception in 2008 until she left us in November 2011 at age 14½. She was our chief taster and baking assistant and insisted on top quality standards. Her spirit and enthusiasm were infectious and will continue to guide us. Several years after Bailey joined our team, we rescued two handsome New Zealand Huntaway dogs, Ben and Jerry, who couldn’t believe their good fortune of joining a loving home where a treat bakery was part of the deal. Sadly, these boys eventually left for the Rainbow Bridge, Ben in 2015 and Jerry in 2016.

I began baking custom dog treats because of Jerry’s sensitive stomach. Pumpkin was a soothing antidote to his digestive issues, so I developed a tasty recipe; the rest is dog treat history!

I am dedicated to making wholesome and healthy treats that you can offer your loyal friend with confidence. I always use top quality ingredients. All recipes use cage-free eggs and organic rice flour; you will never find wheat, corn, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors in these goodies. I stand behind my treats; our dogs sit in front of them!