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Fiddler's Green Farm - Certified Organic
Contact: Jim Eldon and Julie Rose
City: Brooks, CA,
About Us
Fiddler’s Green Farm has been a CCOF Certified Organic farm since 1982, making it one of the oldest organic farms in California. Jim Eldon and Julie Rose are the third owners of this legacy farm and since 1991 have continued to produce fresh market vegetables with a passion not unlike that of lovestruck adolescents. When not struggling to live with the consequences of poor farming judgments, they are battling seasonal weather anomalies and Acts of God, resisting the onslaught of runaway bureaucracy and the concomitant regulatory compliance issues, cursing the constipated internet, and wondering why there are no Blues songs about farming. Then, when the day is done, they kick back and have a beer, gloating over their own tenacity.