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Boorinakis Harper Ranch - Registered Organic
Contact: Phyllis Boorinakis & Tom Harper
City: Auburn, CA, 95603
About Us
The Boorinakis family has been growing pears and plums on our ranch near downtown Auburn since 1918. Now, four generations later, we proudly claim the title of “the biggest and smallest and oldest and only farm in the City of Auburn!” In the early 2000s, Tom, Phyllis, and daughter Julia revived the family orchard as the Boorinakis Harper Ranch and converted to all-organic farming practices. We’re now a Registered Organic farm, and we are committed to incorporating sustainable farming methods in everything we do. We use integrated pest management and efficient irrigation to minimize our environmental impact, we keep bees to pollinate our crops, and, since we’re local, our produce is never transported over long distances or kept in cold storage. We also recognize that we are part of a larger picture — our local ecosystem, our community, and our planet.
Registered Organic; all organic practices; Integrated Pest Management; Certified Fish-Friendly Farm; non-GMO; bee- and pollinator-friendly farming