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Tiny Raptor Coop
Contact: Jeremy & Heidi Bennett
City: Loomis, CA,
About Us
Tiny Raptor Coop started when 10 year old Jay won Grand Champion Eggs at the Placer County Fair. Our family always knew our farm and chickens were special but were they champions? Maybe it was just luck. One month later Jay submitted another hen’s eggs and again won Grand Champion at the Gold Country Fair with a different egg judge. She said they were the only USDA-AA grade eggs in the group of 13 contestants; being clean, fresh and fed well. At last count Jay and his little brother Mason (Who has Three Rooster's Coop) have won five times at local county fairs and Jay won California State Fair first place in the extra large egg category July 18th 2023!

Our farm philosophy is rooted in permaculture where every person and animal has a job. The family dog’s job is to keep them company in the yard while being watchful to herd them off the patio. Our cats keep pests away and bird netting with homemade “chicken dams” keep peace in the garden. Our chicks have a big job too. They mow the lawn while fertilizing the property and keep us company while we do farm chores. Plus they provide delicious eggs for you!

Free Range on grass, humanely raised with supplemented organic feed and no antibiotics ever. Our hens are treated like pets even after they age past production "henopause." Every new chick has a mother hen to start life with (vs. a light bulb).