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Whiskey Run Ranch
Contact: Crisp Family
City: Lincoln, CA,
About Us
We are a family operation located in the foothills outside Lincoln, CA. Our steers are 100% grass fed and finished (no grains, except for occasional treats to get them to go where we want) raised in oak studded pasture all their lives, never given antibiotics or hormones, and they are treated humanely all their lives.
We use low stress handling practices, provide plenty of natural feed, and let them spend their lives being cows in pastures.

We believe we are stewards of the land for future generations, so we use rotational grazing to improve soil health and increase carbon sequestration. We let the grass grow tall once a year so the roots go deep to increase organic matter, which helps the soil hold the moisture when it rains. We don’t spray pesticides or herbicides, and we don’t use antibiotics or hormones on the animals because that’s not the kind of beef we want to eat.

Good for you, good for the earth, good for all!