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Hygge Blooms
Contact: Bridget Farren
Address: 6497 Butler Road Penryn, CA,
Phone: 916-223-3831
About Us
My House of Blooms Story

My husband and I visited Denmark just before our son was born and in every home we were greeted with cheers, tea, simple meals and love. Hygge is a Danish term that embodies the feeling of comfort and coziness that we felt on our first adventure together. I experience that "hygge" feeling when enjoying the simple things in life like conversations over coffee, mountaintop hikes, warm morning sunlight, hugging a friend or cutting flowers in the garden. Each Hygge Blooms bouquet is created to bring Hygge into your home or any occasion.

For years I dreamed of owning a flower shop and in the Summer of 2020 I began to make my dream a reality by successfully growing several rows of annual flowers on my property. My friends benefitted from the abundance of blooms and in 2022 I decided to open a small business as a farmer/florist. I start my plants from seeds and plant them out on my two plus acres in Penryn.

I find flower farming to be so rewarding even though it is my second job. I am also a high school teacher at Del Oro in Loomis. There is something special about a home, classroom, office or other space when flowers are present. Hygge, the Danish word for comfort and coziness, is what I strive to create for buyers of my arrangements. Each Hygge Blooms arrangement is hand picked, wrapped in paper and twine and sent out into the world with the intent to bring the feelings of comfort to others. Some of my most popular blooms begin to pop up in mid April and include Snapdragons, Scabiosa, Strawflower, Poppy, carnations, Celosia, Sweet Pea and Zinnia.
I use no till organic growing techniques and fight pests with beneficial insects and organic spray fertilizer and oils.