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Orchard X - Certified Organic
Contact: Abbie & Joanna
City: Winters, CA,
About Us
Tucked on a hillside at the mouth of the Capay Valley is a nine acre orchard that produces some of the most sought-after fruit in the Bay Area. For nearly 40 years, Guru Ram Das Orchards has been a site of constant and creative experimentation in pursuit of great tasting fruit. Orchard X is the new name of Guru Ram Das Orchards.

Abbie and Joanna both grew up in agricultural communities-in St. Helena and Modesto, respectively-and are now continuing their families' agricultural traditions in novel ways. Abbie’s background is in winemaking and he is always pushing for better quality, more complex flavors, and growing practices that draw out the unique characteristics of the fruit. Joanna's family were ranchers and orchardists. Thus, she's oriented towards precise, efficient, and manageable systems that deliver great experiences to customers and create a resilient growing environment in the orchards. Together, they are deeply committed to learning from the orchard and their customers. In the market, they think about flavor first and size/appearance second. They love connecting with chefs and amateur cooks who are using the fruit in creative ways, and also with fellow farmers in their region.
The farm is certified organic; in the field, Abbie and Joanna think about ecology first and yields second. They are committed to a zero-waste model for the farm and are transitioning to 100% compostable/ biodegradable packaging.