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Spreadwing Farm - Certified Organic
Contact: Michael Smith, Cathy Suematsu, Brent Levin & Liz Schroeder
City: Rumsey, CA,
About Us
Spreadwing Farm is a small organic farm and homestead located in the small town of Rumsey at the top of the Capay Valley and the base of Cache Creek Canyon. Farmers Cathy Suematsu and Michael Smith along with Liz Schroeder and Brent Levin grow high quality, nutrient dense food using organic and regenerative farming practices. They offer seasonal stone fruits, citrus, vegetables, and pastured poultry, sold direct through farmers markets and food hubs. The farmers at Spreadwing Farm love growing food, believing that healthy food makes healthy people and that mindful and loving stewardship of the soil, animals, and plants is the basis of sustainable food production.