Lamb Valley Farm - Certified Organic
Contact: Ron Voss
City: Esparto, CA,
About Us
Lamb Valley Farm orchard was founded by Ron Voss and the late Helen Voss. Ron and Helen both felt strongly about the connection between the soil and all creatures, and nothing expresses that more than the vitality of the farm they passed on to Link and Paul. Filled with birds, trees and flowers, the farm is an expression of decades of sustainable care. Like the farm’s founders, its new caretakers believe that only those farming practices which enrich the soil and benefit the natural world should be used.

Lamb Valley Farm gets its name from the fertile valley it occupies, adjacent to its larger sister valley, The Capay. Only three of the 20 acres is cultivated orchard. That allows more land for wildlife habitat and gives the farmers some time to enjoy their pet goats, chickens, dog, peacocks, and vegetable garden.