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Republic of Vermont - Certified Organic
Contact: Ethan & Annina
City: Burlington, VT,
About Us
One Family ~ One Farm

At Republic of Vermont we work to produce raw honey and maple syrup stamped with the character of the place we love. We both grew up in Vermont and shared a dream of honoring agricultural traditions and raising our family close to the land, but we weren't always on this path.

We were both working typical high stress jobs the year we decided to tap a few maple trees in our backyard. We made 20 gallons of maple syrup for friends and family and on a whim bought two small bee hives from a neighbor. The dream of creating a business together began to consume us. Our friends and family loved the gifts of maple syrup and honey, but thought we were crazy. How do you build a life off a backyard hobby? You want to work with stinging insects? You want to quit your job?

We quit our jobs. Diving in head first Ethan sought out and apprenticed with two of the best treatment-free commercial bee keepers in New England and I dove in to brand development and web design and before too long we had hundreds of bee hives and thousands of maple trees to manage! Our raw honey and organic maple syrup began spreading from coast to coast - first through friends and word of mouth and then through our website.

And here we are today. As people and as a business we are constantly growing and learning from our honey bees and maple trees. We owe everything to you - the customers that since the beginning have taken a chance spending a little more to buy quality products directly from the people who made them.

Thank you,

Annina & Ethan
Forest management and sustainability are at the heart of our organic sugaring operation. We take tremendous pride in the stewardship of our forests and in return our maple trees reward us with some of the most unique tasting maple syrup available.